Attention Holiday Lighting Designers, Landscape Lighting Designers, and Outdoor Experts: You NEED to Attend the Lighting Accelerator.

The Lighting Accelerator is your exclusive opportunity learn insider secrets to pricing, marketing, finding clients, advanced holiday light design, and an introduction to year-round landscape lighting. 

 Learn the Secrets to Build a Thriving Year-Round Outdoor Lighting Business! 


Learn the secrets all three hosts-Donovan Quesenberry, Jason Geiman, and Ryan Lee-have used to build thriving holiday and landscape lighting businesses to seven figures! 


Discover how to earn more profit so you can hire better talent, invest in better equipment, and provide a white glove, red carpet experience for your clients.


Start building great rapport with people in your industry and learn how your peers maintain their income year-round. 



This is the first-ever in-person event for people who own their own holiday lighting business and want to scale to the next level by learning proven strategies from expert holiday light designers Donovan and Jason. You will also learn the ins and outs of landscape lighting to keep your crew busy all year from expert lighting design professional, Ryan.

Our onetime event on March 11-13, 2022, serves as the perfect way to network with some of the most successful lighting professionals in the country! The Lighting Accelerator will take place in Raleigh, North Carolina, at Donovan Quesenberry's training center, giving you the perfect opportunity to see exactly how a thriving Holiday Lighting Company works year-round. Together, our talented lighting professionals have a combined 40 years of experience and are going to give you invaluable business and marketing insights, an introduction to landscape lighting, and advanced holiday lighting design complete with once-in-a-lifetime live training! 



  • Year-round lighting design
  • Advanced Christmas light design
  • Installation (Learn Live! We will be showing you the installation AND the final results) 
  • The 25 Steps to Efficiency (Learn to install faster)
  • ​Strategies to approach clients
  • Step-by-step instructions to optimize Google analytics
  • Find leads who are ready to buy now
  • How to close projects at premium prices 
  • Proven sales strategies
  • How to quote 100+ leads a day
  • Prequalification scripts and design scripts
  • Commercial, permanent RGB lighting
  • ​Methods to follow-up on leads
These 13 bullets don't even cover half of what we're going to do at the Lighting Accelerator!
Right now, you may be saying,


We're glad you asked.

Co-hosts Jason, Donovan, and Ryan aren't just lighting professionals. They started their businesses in exterior cleaning, gutter cleaning, and window washing and were looking for ways to have business all year long. That's when they discovered holiday lighting and landscape lighting.

So, if your April to September looks more like an outdoor service and the rest of the year seems quiet or solely focused on holiday lighting, the Lighting Accelerator may be for you!

Like many of our fellow outdoor service providers, we noticed that business was great from about April to September! So good that we had to hire tons of full- and part-time help to cover all our jobs.

But then October came, and so did layoffs.

We don't know about you, but laying people off is not our favorite thing to do. 

So we decided to try holiday lighting.

That helped! In fact, Jason and Donovan crush the holiday lightning market each year, But, holiday lightning, while amazing, isnt enough to sustain and scale a whole business.
That's why they've partnered up with Ryan for this exclusive event. Ryan is an expert in landscape lighting and will be sharing his 15 years of insights on landscape lighting to all our attendees to teach you exactly how he scaled his year-round landscape lighting business to SEVEN figures!

What is landscape lighting? 

You know those homes that are gorgeously lit up in the evenings--you can see their beautifully manicured lawns and the exact architecture of their homes? That's landscape lighting.

Now, it doesn't have to be extravagant. It can be lighting that's perfect for a backyard barbecue, or it can be an intricate maze of lights for the wealthiest client. The beauty of landscape lighting is that it's for everyone and every budget, so you never run out of clients! 

How did we learn?

We won't lie. It took a lot of trial and error, but today, the company Ryan started is one of the most respected Landscape Lighting companies in the country, and he's trusted to teach others how to build similar businesses throughout the country. 


We are covering every aspect of scaling your business during the event and even showing you how to provide top-tier, premium holiday lighting for homes in any climate. From the basics of installation (which, as an old hat, you already know) to how to scale your business to seven figures and beyond. 

If you are looking for ways to improve your business, find more clients, hire more talent, make more sales, get better leads, improve your marketing and brand message, meet the best lighting designers in the country, or even spend a few days in the beautiful and historic Chapel Hill/Raleigh area with your family, then you're going to want to be here! 

The Lighting Accelerator is designed specifically for everyone in the industry (or is curious about the industry) to get exactly what they need. 

That means that no matter where you are in your business--just starting out or a seasoned vet--you're going to have big takeaways!

But you don't have to take our word for it!

Check out all these successful landscape lighting design professionals we've worked with who started in other outdoor industries:


I don't think Lighting Accelerator is for Me.
That's true. YouTube is great! You can learn everything from how to yodel to how to fix your refrigerator to installing lights.

But with the Lighting Accelerator, you get more than just the knowledge of how to install some lights.

You get to network with some of the top lighting designers in the country.

Just in time for spring break, you get to experience Raleigh, NC (that alone should be incentive enough to come!). You can even bring the whole family and turn this experience into a family vacation you'll never forget. 
Plus, you get to learn all the marketing, sales, and pricing strategies to make you competitive in your market!

And you get to learn what materials to use and which to avoid from professional landscape lighting designers, who use these materials day in and day out.

These five benefits alone are priceless (just like YouTube)!

When you use YouTube, figuring out all these little details takes years. With the Lighting Accelerator, you learn all the secrets in just three days! 
That means that when you leave Raleigh, you will be ready to implement everything you've learned and start scaling your business immediately!

Just imagine a world where you have enough work all year long that you don't have to lay anyone off. Imagine a time when you can scale your business, take on more holiday and landscape lighting projects, hire the right people (people who are skilled and motivated!), and get higher quality leads year-round.

When you join the Lighting Accelerator, this is the priceless information you get.



is an exclusive opportunity for anyone looking to scale their business. But there is a catch.
We only have 20 spots available.

That means only 20 people get to change their businesses and change their lives on March 11-13, 2022, in Raleigh, NC. 

Will you be one of them? 


you're going to get incredible value you can begin implementing immediately! Here's just a taste of what you'll learn:

Day 1

Landscape Lighting. Your introduction to landscape lighting design, including the basics of installation. You'll leave here with the confidence to do your very first landscape lighting install. 

Day 2

Secrets to Creating a 7-Figure Business. With a combined 40 years of experience, hosts Ryan, Donovan, and Jason know all the marketing, branding, pricing, and business secrets you need to know. 

Day 3

Advanced Holiday Lights - Whether you're an old hat at holiday light design or brand new to the space, you ain't never seen anything like this! Discover the secrets to the best holiday lighting in your community. 


is so full of value that it's hard to put a price on it. With all the value you'll get here, we could easily sell every ticket for all three days for $15,000.
But this event isn't about us making money--it's about you creating a better business and a better life.

Right now, our waiting list has over 40 people on it-and all of Jason's, Donovan's, and Ryan's previous events have sold out within a few days of going live.

So, if you're serious about scaling your business, learning the advanced skills you need to sell higher-ticket holiday lighting, and discover the tools to begin a landscape lighting business, you need to act now!

When you purchase your tickets to the Lighting Accelerator today, you get access to all three days in Raleigh for just $2,997. This is the early bird price, so get in now.

February 21, 2022, the event price goes up to $3,997.
If you wait until tomorrow to purchase, we can't guarantee you a seat. It's really going to sell out that quickly. And you definitely don't want to miss out on all the expert knowledge and networking opportunities available to you or the $1,000 savings!

Don't want to come for all three days? 

That's ok!

Pick and choose which days you want to attend. Mix and match with Day 1 and 2 or Day 2 and Day 3-choose what works best for you!

When you select our two-day package, the event Early Bird price is slashed to only $1,997. 

But hurry! These Early Bird prices for our three-day and two-day packages won't last long. Take advantage of the savings today! 



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